Gratitude – a simple word but an immensely powerful expression. It is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness.

Inspired by the transformative power of gratitude, Roche Pharma India has a special group of volunteers who work together as one team to serve others. This team has a very unique name -  Kritagyata. Interestingly, this means Gratitude in Hindi. This group ensures that the Roche family is connected at a higher level to serve India and the patients. Kritagyata focusses on bringing people together to celebrate and align themselves to the Roche India India. This BU is driven by a special group of volunteers who work together as a team to serve others.

Divided into four verticals, Roche Kritagyata has four service-streams. the Positive Attitude and Gratitude acknowledges the achievements of others and promotes enthusiastic and positive environment at the workplace and beyond; Volunteering plans and initiates activities to give back to society; Well-being focusses on activities and initiatives to foster holistic well-being of Roche colleagues; Diversity helps colleagues to be aware of the beauty brought by a completely different perspective and leverage the collective power of seeing emerging opportunities for private and professional lives. Each year, a group of volunteers lead the project forward by sharing the opportunity for learning, connecting, bonding, and celebrating as a Roche family.

Activities are spread across the year to help drive the essence of Kritagyata and to foster bonding amongst employees. Throughout the year, the team drives special initiatives like organising a book club, blood donation drive, well-being week, possip sessions, Gratitude Tree for sharing messages and a host of other activities that helps employees to bond and connect. The focus of 2019 activities is to develop the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of participants so that each Roche family member can evolve in their spiritual journey and become a better human being.

Each team member derives happiness from this as each one of them wants to make the world a more positive place.