Company Portrait

As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche discovers, develops and provides innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that deliver significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals – from early detection and prevention of diseases to diagnosis, treatment, and treatment monitoring.

Our History
Roche was founded on October 1, 1896. The founder, Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche, was among the first to recognize that the industrial manufacture of standardized medicines would be a major advance in the fight against disease.
From the very beginning, Roche’s visionary founder focused his company on innovation and on establishing an international presence. This multinational presence reinforces our ability to offer our healthcare solutions and to anticipate needs in all regions of the world. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally.

Focusing on Innovation
By innovation, we mean the creation and commercialization of medically differentiated products and services that lead to a tangible improvement to the health, quality and length of patients’ lives.

As a research-focused company, we exploit the latest discoveries and technologies to develop our products.

This is why

  • Roche invested more than 8.7 billion Swiss francs in 2013 on research and development
  • Roche continues its longstanding tradition of working in alliances with some of the most forward-looking and technologically advanced companies in the world
  • Roche invests heavily in biotechnology and is the world’s largest biotech company

Personalised Healthcare
Personalised Healthcare is about providing the right treatment for the right patient.
Personalised Healthcare is part of our strategy to create clinically differentiated healthcare solutions. By intertwining diagnostic and biomarker research throughout all stages of drug research and development, and the whole life cycle of our products, the approach 

  • can help to better understand complexity of diseases
  • can improve quality and efficiency of results in R&D incl. clinical trials
  • can provide better, safer and more efficient treatments

Roche – with world leading activities in both Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics is uniquely positioned and well equipped to make Personalized Healthcare happen and - with our products - create value for patients and the healthcare system.