Our Strategy

The healthcare landscape in India has changed significantly over the last few years. The disease burden has shifted from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Healthcare has become a higher priority for the government; in November 2017, the government released its National Health Policy (NHP 2017). In 2018, it launched the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) (now the National Health Protection Mission) that would cover 100 million families.

In 2018, Roche India also took a step back to reflect on the way forward; against the backdrop of the evolving healthcare landscape, translating Roche’s purpose for India means we will now have what patients need next.

At Roche, we are going beyond just promoting our products. We aim to transform healthcare in India. Our vision is to inspire people to transform healthcare and care for every patient’s life through sustainable, innovative solutions. Given that no one entity can do that, we work and partner with a number of key stakeholders, including central and state governments, policymakers, healthcare providers – public and private – and civil society organisations.

Our focus will be on all patients in our disease areas, regardless of whether they have been correctly diagnosed or even have access to healthcare. For cancer, this means a number as high as 1 million patients every year. That means we will have to exponentially expand the number of lives we touch. We have to take transformative steps to help ensure that our medicines reach all the people who need them.

Our strategy rests on four pillars -

  • Advancing citizen well-being

               - Making a difference to citizen lives is at the center of all that we do

  • Ensuring healthcare access, including access to Roche products 

               - Interventions will vary from state to state, depending on the needs/conditions

  • Leveraging technology and stakeholder partnerships

               - These will be integral and embedded into our way of working and will use the diverse capacities among states to develop localised strategies

  • Enabling excellence in execution and delivery

               - Organisational agility, robust systems and processes will underpin our actions 


We are changing the way we operate, and aligning the intensity and areas of focus, both internally as an organisation, and externally in response to the landscape we operate in.

We are transforming as a company; we are building an organisation that revolves around the patient, creating state teams that combine all relevant functions to identify and prioritise patient needs, building enabling services that align service delivery that meet the state teams’ needs, and create communities with cross-functional expertise that combine the right kind of capabilities.

A Quantum organisation is a strong, purpose-driven organisation. As a quantum organisation-centered, vision-centred and value-driven, creating value for the patient. We are bringing a new culture of quantum leadership; in the evolving healthcare landscape, this transforms the organisation, inculcating creative adaptation and leveraging human potential.

Roche India has embarked on a new journey. As we go forward on this journey, incremental growth will not be enough; our strategy will help us take bold quantum leaps that will make transformation possible. That is how we will move the needle for healthcare in India.