We are a Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work certifies Roche India where employees share the organisations’ vision, feel proud and willingly contribute by walking the extra mile.

Roche Pharma India is on a unique transformational journey which is led by its employees. It is this inspiring change that has helped Roche India to be certified as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW). This certification is an important milestone in our journey to build a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™. As part of the Culture Audit conducted by GPTW India, Roche India practices are amongst the Top 10 Great mid-size workplaces in India. And we have achieved the certification right in the first attempt.

Roche is driven by innovative People Practices and this is what sets the company apart from the rest. With participation of 91% from all employees, the study reflects the high levels of engagement in the organisation. 91% of employees feel proud to tell others that they work at Roche India while 90% believe that their work has a special meaning. It is not ‘just a job’ for them but means much more. They are proud of the contribution they are making to transform healthcare in India. These scores are also reflective of how the recently framed Roche India vision inspires employees – everyday.

85% of employees take pride in their work, reflecting high engagement levels of employees with their jobs, teams and the company. With such a positive response from the participating employees on the five dimensions – credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie – Roche India's Trust Index score is at 76%. The culture and supportive people practices at Roche enable employees to grow and develop. This certification affirms that Roche India employees feel a strong sense of trust in the organisation, belief that their work makes a difference, and are proud of the contribution that they are making.

At Roche, each employee strongly believes that it is not just a job but a responsibility!

The Great Place to Work® model is the world’s most researched, accepted and sustainable definition of a great workplace from an employee’s point of view. It is a comprehensive framework encompassing the overall employee experience ecosystem. The GPTW assessment offers meaningful and actionable insights into employee experience with Trust Index and people practices with Culture Index.