Guided by the values of integrity, courage and passion, Roche India is committed to improving lives through impactful Social Value (CSR) initiatives.

We believe in creating sustainable and long- term value for all our stakeholders. This idea also applies towards our Social Value initiatives as we seek to create sustainable and quality contributions towards our local communities, through innovative programs and collaborations.

At Roche, sustainability as a practice applies to its business activities as well as its philanthropic initiatives. Innovative philanthropy with a sustainable lookout is Roche's commitment towards the societies and communities in which we operate. The potential impact of a project is considered as the measure of its success rather than the material return on investment. We aim to deepen the impact of our humanitarian and social development efforts in the country, by responding to structural issues and resource provision, and assisting communities in building capacities and becoming resilient.

As a global healthcare company, we are also committed in supporting United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that align with our business strategy. We have linked our social initiatives to the four key SDGs, which include:


Roche is committed to ensuring transparent reporting of impact outcomes created by our social endeavours with effective diligence. We focus on chronicling our performance through communication mediums as well as strengthening capacities of our stakeholders. Roche’s CSR initiatives focus not only on funding, but making it meaningful through employee engagement initiatives through volunteering programs. Programs and investments currently include two Roche Children’s Centres in Mumbai and Guwahati, Skill Development initiatives, an Activity Based Learning (ABL) program in Government schools of Mumbai and support for the floods in Kerala. 


Read more about our initiatives in the Roche Social Value Report

Roche India CSR Policy