Innovation in science and technology are what makes Roche’s core business and work life fascinating. As a research based healthcare company, Roche Pharmaceuticals India realises the impact of education, especially STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and experiential learning on building scientific attitude among children.

The current education system continues to follow traditional methods of education, which is immensely based on rote learning. This leads to challenges such as lack of interest in learning, lack of application based scientific knowledge and lack of experiential learning which leads to poor employable skills among Indian youth.

In Maharashtra, the National Achievement Survey Annual Reports reflect below than average science scores in the state for III, V and VIII grades. Additionally, there are high dropout rates due to lack of interest in classroom, with 76% students not making it to higher education system (data from Life-Lab’s Needs Assessment Study).

Roche’s partnership with Life-Lab aims to tackle these issues from the ground-level to create long-term and sustainable systemic change among all stakeholders which include children, educators and parents.


Roche has partnered with the Life Lab program to develop an interactive, inquisitive, cognitive and problem-solving temperament in students from 3rd – 5th grades through Activity Based Learning (ABL) and by creating support structures to enable teachers to repurpose their roles as facilitators. This program aims to improve the quality of education through experiential learning platforms in under-privileged and low-income government schools as students lack application-based scientific knowledge. critical-thinking skills. The Project is aligned to the government’s focus on strengthening STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education in schools and that learning outcomes have improved by an average of 44% after these educational interventions.

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