Providing confidence and support to patients

At Roche, it is not just about treating patients - it is about traveling the road with them and their families.  

Despite remarkable breakthroughs in treating diseases, ensuring that patients have access to these breakthroughs remains a challenge. Improving access to effective, quality healthcare requires a combination of products, services, systems and resources. In an attempt to overcome this challenge, Roche India works with different partners to reduce barriers, enable access and meet patients’ unmet needs.

People living with cancer have a variety of support needs and we recognize them. Patient assistance matters as much as clinical effectiveness and healthcare delivery. Good patient assistance is linked to improved patient outcomes and lower costs, and contributes significantly to creating healthcare access in the country.

Roche India’s "The Blue Tree" program offers support to cancer patients during their treatment journey, from diagnosis till completion of therapy.It is a patient support initiative that is designed to take care of the multiple hurdles that a patient has to go through during the course of receiving treatment. 

Roche understands that when an individual gets cancer, the family is impacted. This program attempts to provide support to families in their long journey of multiple challenges. It is designed to cover various aspects ranging from diagnostics, funding of treatment, information, post-treatment job search, assistance with documentation for reimbursement and free medicines where possible. This integrated approach to patient support also empowers doctor to initiate therapy as early as possible ensuring delivery of optimal outcomes.