Our Vision 2030
3 to 5x more patient benefit at 50% less cost to society.

Our business environment is undergoing tremendous change. On the one hand, we are facing multiple challenges ranging from how to address the overwhelming complexity of care to how to deal with intensified competition and the pressure of healthcare budgets. On the other hand, new opportunities are arising from the digitalisation of healthcare or the improved access to healthcare in emerging markets. When reflecting on that external reality it is critical that we remain focused on our purpose and keep patients at the forefront of our thinking. To deliver that clarity across the Roche organization, we have committed to a set of long-term ambitions that will inform everything that we look to achieve as a company.

Striving to be a part of the solution to increasing healthcare demands

Healthcare demands are increasing, and it is essential that we do our part of the solution.


Roche has set an ambitious vision for us to make a larger contribution to this problem and society. We’re going to deliver 3 – 5 times more patient benefit. We’re going to make this happen at 50% less cost to society – helping to build efficient, sustainable healthcare systems of the future.


Every one of us has a role to play. It’s not always going to be easy – and at times it might feel uncomfortable – but if we really aim high we will deliver truly great results for patients and society.


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