About Leap

A unique problem-solving and learning engagement program for final year DM/DNB Oncology students in India

About LEAP

What if you were given a chance to leverage your potential to develop cutting-edge innovation to enhance the existing cancer care models, and suggest practical strategies for implementing these innovations?


Leading Engagements to Advance Patient Care (LEAP) in Oncology

A unique problem solving and learning engagement program for Final Year DM/DNB Oncology students in India, sponsored by Roche

• That aims to inspire innovation among oncology students on the verge of entering into the clinical environment

• That provides opportunity to win attractive scholarships

This program is intended for Final Year DM/DNB Oncology students in India and aims to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to address the complex challenges that span the entire cancer care continuum. Our initiative focuses on inspiring innovative solutions to enhance patient care, with opportunities for the best minds to earn scholarships and gain insights from experts in the field of cancer care.

1.     Through this initiative, the third year DM/DNB students will be invited to exercise their critical thinking skills to solve day-to—day challenges in clinical care, patient care, ecosystem and access issues, and implementation strategies in oncology.

2.     You will have an opportunity to provide innovative solutions to address key challenges across cancer care in India.

3.     The best solutions will win rewarding academic scholarships

4.     This initiative offers all participants an opportunity to learn about opportunities that set oncologists up for success as they transition into clinical practice.

5.     Program offers learning opportunities that sets participants up for success as they transition into clinical practice. You will be better equipped to make a lasting impact on the field of Oncology.

Program Objective

Our aim is to not only empower final year DM/ DNB students but also inspire them to drive positive changes in the world of cancer care. By providing a platform to innovate simple solutions to tackle everyday challenges in cancer care, we want to build capacity for problem-solving from the ground level up.

Our vision is simple yet profound - to empower the minds of tomorrow and ignite the spirit of innovation in the oncology community. We believe that by enabling the next generation of healthcare professionals to think strategically, generate innovative ideas, and apply their knowledge, we can foster advancements that will significantly impact patient care.

Program Phases

Phase 1

All third year DM/DNB Oncology students will be invited to participate in a challenge-solving program through an online portal.

Phase 2

20−25 best submissions from phase 1 will have an opportunity to present their solutions to a jury.

Phase 3

The three best solutions win rewarding academic scholarships.

For more information/ clarification, write to us at [email protected]
Disclaimer: This is an educational and knowledge initiative. Roche India Healthcare Institute (RIHI) reserves its rights to change or cancel any of the requirements of the program or stop the program entirely at any time. All rights reserved (RIHI).

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