Our Values

Serving patients and customers has always been at the heart of what we do!



Our Values



A strong foundation of values that define us

Our organization has a glorious history spanning 125 years of advancing the field of medicine and bringing novel treatments to patients. The patient is and will always remain at the core of what we do, the reason we come to work every day. Benefiting people in need—motivated and skilled employees collaborate across cultures and locations to develop life-saving products. We share one purpose and are shaped by a common set of values.

We are


A global company, a pioneer in healthcare.


Led by science

We have a unique expertise for combining molecular biology and technologies to create insights and products that advance science and medical practice for the benefit of patients.



We have an internal work culture led and shaped by ‘family values’ centered on integrity and ethics;  our work has a purpose, delivering meaningful innovation for patients, for improving lives.


We advance science in partnership with society with the goal to save lives and improve lives in the best way possible.


A global healthcare company since 1896 with a long-term perspective and a lasting impact on the society.

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