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When my first report came, not only had the progression stopped, the size of the tumor was also reduced. That boosted my morale and gave me confidence to say that, 'yes, I can defeat the disease!
Riya Rahul Shringarpure
Lung Cancer Survivor
After the doctor's reference, we enrolled into the blue tree program and because of this program we managed to get the medicine (Risdiplam) at a subsidized price.
Prakash Chitroda
Father of 15 year old SMA patient Krishav Chitroda
When we saw our son in the hospital for four long days just for a simple fallen tooth, the doctor, basis his judgement suggested Roche therapy for my son.
Gyan Sinha
Father of the Hemophilia patient
Difficulties always come in the lives of amazing people, because only these people have the strength to face difficulties amazingly!
Nilofer Randeria
Breast Cancer Survivor
I’m a breast cancer survivor, but I’m much more than cancer. This is my journey; my amazing journey towards my recovery.
Virginia D'silva
Breast cancer survivor from Mumbai
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