At Roche, our social-impact efforts have one common focus: strengthening communities to make a long-term sustainable difference.
We are grateful for the support extended by Roche to St. Judes which helped over 200 children while they were undergoing treatment for cancer. We value the long term partnership because it gives us confidence to commit our long term support to the children whose treatment period may run into years. Lack of safe, hygienic accommodation is one big factor for the high abandonment of cancer treatment. And thanks to Roche, we have been able to reduce abandonment significantly in the cities we operate.
Anil Nair
CEO - St. Jude India ChildCare Centers

Partnering with St. Jude India Child Care Centers

Because cancer should not rob away a child’s smile

Roche Pharma India has partnered with St. Jude India Child Care Centres to build the Roche Children’s Centre, which provides holistic cancer care to children undergoing treatment and their families. St. Jude operates with a vision to provide holistic care to such children, while creating a nurturing environment for them to realize their true potential, despite being in the state of battling a disease. The Centers at Mumbai and Guwahati offer children up to the age of 18 undergoing cancer treatment a ‘home away from home’ facility that provides a hygienic, protective and nurturing environment. Through this partnership, our mission is to provide clean, safe and free-of-cost accommodation to children, and their parents, which gives them the best chance of beating cancer. Facilities provided at these centers include:

  • Safe, secure and hygienic accommodation

  • Daily transport facility from the center to the hospital and back

  • Education

  • Skill building activities for parents

  • Nutritional support during their stay

  • Emotional support & art based therapy

  • Recreational activities and celebrations

Going beyond CSR funding, employees of Roche Pharma India regularly participate in volunteering opportunities at these Centers, through a host of engaging activities like painting contests, distribution drives and other interactive fundraising events. Our partnership with St. Jude is one deeply rooted in purpose, vision and a passion to make a real difference. Since the commencement of our commitment towards St. Jude, we have made small yet significant strides towards impacting the lives of these children.

  • Touched 350+ lives of children undergoing cancer treatment

  • 100% completion rate of treatment process

  • 100% of children have remained infection free at the Centers

I never had such opportunities before. I used to be under the belief that being diagnosed with cancer only means hospital visits, doctors and medicines. However, here I got a chance to learn new things and make new friends while getting good treatment and care.
12 year old

Roche India Healthcare Institute (RIHI)

A vision to support long term health transformation in India

Roche Pharma India established RIHI with a vision to be a think-and-do tank that could play a crucial role in transforming India’s healthcare systems. RIHI’s aim is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and foster collaborations that could shape the future of cancer care in our country. RIHI’s bold mission includes various key aspects along the entire care continuum; be it disease awareness, funding, capacity strengthening, undertake research on patient pathways and service interventions for oncology and other therapeutic areas.

Project Navya

A hotline to support cancer patients through the pandemic

Roche India Healthcare Institute (RIHI) supported 2,000 patients to receive support from Navya Care Cancer Patients Hotline. This virtual, guideline-based approach has helped cancer patients avoid the risks of travel and hospitalization during the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative has helped 2,000 patients from all over India make informed decisions about their treatments. Patients and caregivers used Navya’s Cancer Patients Covid Hotline to inquire about treatment options in light of the fact that the lockdown and Covid-19 had disrupted care.

At puzzled, confused times like these, Navya consultation gave a helping hand about understanding current risks for patients and continuing the treatment. A big thank you to Navya for giving me an advice in these times.
of a 37 year old patient from Delhi with lung cancer

Partnering to make a meaningful difference

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond just bringing our innovative therapies into the market. A tradition of philanthropy has existed at Roche for over a century. The common goal of our CSR activities is to create a lasting impact on society by building healthier and more resilient communities. Our approach to philanthropy mirrors our sustainable business model and our culture of innovation. Philanthropy is our commitment to society and communities in which we operate – beyond our primary business and R&D activities.

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